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balena engine is in fact a docker engine

balena engine is in fact a docker engine

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balena base images in github

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balena.io get started

balena.io get started

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how to run @balena_io @resin @intel #nuc nodes on @oracle @virtualbox 6.1.2

how to create and run @balena_io @resin @intel #nuc nodes on @oracle @virtualbox

  • use balena to create a Intel NUC image
  • download image
  • unzip image

convert RAW image to VMDK image with

“C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxManage”

C:\> "VBoxManage" convertfromraw inuc.img inuc.vmdk --format VMDK

create a VM

  • chose Linux
  • choose Other Linux (64-bit)
  • enable UEFI

add storage

  • remove IDE storage controller
  • add SATA storage controller

then add

  • SCSI 0 CREATE inuc.VDI (8G-32G)
  • SCSI 1 ADD inuc.VMDK

boot and wait for it to FLASH and SHUTDOWN

  • remove inuc.VMDK

restart VM

  • wait for balena logo to appear

connect via balena.io portal


for instructions for older versions of virtual box see