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Raspberry PI 3 bluetooth, serial & UART settings

Raspberry PI 3 bluetooth, serial & UART settings

The BCM2837 on the Raspberry Pi3 has 2 UARTs (as did its predecessors), however to support the Bluetooth functionality the fully featured PL011 UART was moved from the header pins to the Bluetooth chip and the mini UART made available on header pins 8 & 10.


  • The device /dev/ttyAMA0 previously used to access the UART now connects to Bluetooth.
  • The mini UART is now available on /dev/ttyS0 but disabled by default.
  • The mini UART is a secondary low throughput UART intended to be used as a console.

To enable the mini UART an entry should be added to config.txt as follows:




raspberry pi and webbluetooth

raspberry pi and webbluetooth

heres a great raspberry pi balena starter project that only needs ONE led and ONE resistor


balena.io raspberry pi iot cloud projects

balena.io raspberry pi iot cloud projects

bonus case study